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2011-05-30 11:02 am

(no subject)

Happy birthday to Buzzy Beetle, who is 3 today. At the moment he's enjoying some delicious ice cubes.
Attempts to crown him appropriately for the occasion had mixed results. )
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2011-05-29 11:03 am

Throwing away VHS tapes

I'm throwing away VHS tapes.

Bye, Angel, Buffy, and West Wing. So long, Greedo-shoots-first Star Wars trilogy. Goodbye, awesome presentation I gave on distributed virtual memory in 2002. Bye, instructional tape on the Forty International Drum Rudiments by Steve Dodge. You rock at those rudiments, dude.
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2011-05-25 03:33 pm

Job search is over!

I've accepted a job as OpenCL Compiler Engineer at Apple in Cupertino, California, starting July 5.
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2011-05-22 09:18 pm


Mindless link propagation.

What's in Spock's scanner? Silliness. :-)

How to fix any computer. Sad but true.

Nerds ruin everything. Also sad but true, and I'm saying this as the nerd who ruined Biebl's "Ave Maria."

Finnish surprise party, autotuned. Why can I not stop watching? Apparently Finnish girls say "Oh my God!" in English. And "frozen" (also in English) is slang for something. Huh.

A Rice sociologist gives an interesting talk about Houston demographics at TEDxHouston.
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2011-03-15 08:00 pm



I'm here interviewing at Intel tomorrow. Here goes!
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2011-02-05 05:49 pm

KTRU moving to HD

KTRU moving to one of Pacifica's HD stations.

Good news...definitely not thanks to the Rice administration.
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2010-12-23 03:16 pm


I'm home in Ohio! It has been great so far. There is snow on the ground and everything.

I'm going to be in western Massachusetts and/or the Boston area around January 1 to January 6. If you have a place for me to stay for a few of those days, that would be very helpful. In any case, I would love to see people for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee, whatever.
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2010-11-14 10:40 pm

Lager Rhythms

Oh people, that was an AMAZING gig. I don't think I've ever seen the audience respond so well to us.

Happy and exhausted. Time to collapse now.
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2010-11-12 12:22 am

We have Bass Mettle!

I can't believe we actually have our CDs in our hot little hands. Leisa did a fantastic job with the design.

Peoples, this concert Sunday is going to be amazing. Texas folks, let me know if you want a ticket, because the Duck is filling up fast.
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2010-11-08 03:39 pm

Bass Mettle!

Here's a teaser for the Lager Rhythms' newest CD.

We are all really psyched about this album. Again, if you want to hear more, come to our CD release party, 6pm this Sunday the 14th at the Mucky Duck, tickets $15.
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2010-11-08 12:36 am

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Walken

We made this messing around in the studio. Hee hee hee.

As another reminder, our CD release party is a week from today, Sunday, November 14th, 6:00pm at McGonigel's Mucky Duck. If you're going, you should probably buy tickets soon.

I am hopping-up-and-down excited. We have a lot of new music, and we sound really good.

By the way:
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2010-11-02 09:49 pm

campaign sign

I saw this campaign sign on the way to the polls:

Joe Schmoe for County Clerk
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2010-11-02 01:02 pm

Election Day

Bring it, pet snacker.

Please vote today! If you let a little rain keep you from voting, the ghost of Richard Nixon will haunt you until the next election. Little-known fact.
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2010-10-27 10:52 pm

I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly

I've been playing some with Stellarium lately. I'm trying to visualize how Earth moves; not just know that it rotates around an axis and revolves around the sun, but visualize the motion from a non-rotating POV, and matching it with what I see on the surface. Like, I know Earth and Mars both revolve around the Sun, with Mars in a wider orbit, and that's why Mars takes that weird path through the sky, but I can't see it. That's what I'm trying to do.

I'm getting a real hankering for a planetarium show. I can even walk from my house to the one at the Museum of Natural Science, I just haven't done it yet.

Looks like they have shows about the Titanic, biology, hurricanes, dinosaurs (two!), ancient Rome, the Star of Bethlehem, and one where they play Dark Side of the Moon. Astonishingly, they even have a few about stars and planets and stuff. ;-)

Organizing an Expedition some time after Halloween. Let me know if you're interested.
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2010-10-16 01:44 pm

sing, sing, sing

The Lager Rhythms CD release is Sunday, November 14th, 6:00 at the Mucky Duck. You should come! Especially if you enjoy geeky jokes.

Since I have friends who know a lot about this singing thing, I wanted to ask for some advice: how do you avoid short-term voice strain? We've occasionally had problems in previous gigs when people have lost some of their high or low range after singing for a while, making it hard to sing later songs. If you have a 2-hour gig, how do you sing during the first hour so it doesn't harm your singing in the second hour?
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2010-09-28 06:54 pm

(no subject)

I went to this lecture the other day. A professor of folklore talked about his collaboration with computer scientists to create tools for humanities research, and all the interesting new things he found. He was looking at Danish folklore: a researcher in the 19th century going around Denmark collecting ghost stories, fairy tales, and the like. In one example, he made a map of his path and realized that the guy was collecting stories in a completely different part of Denmark than he said he was in. In another, he made a graph of stories that had words in common, and realized that there were a lot of ghost stories that were unknown because they weren't put in the "ghost stories" box.

I love this stuff. I love collaborations between very different fields. I like to imagine the uses my software will have that I don't even know about yet. Whenever I go to a conference, I notice the other groups that are meeting in the same place, like a supercomputer conference in the same hotel with dentists and greeting card manufacturers, I imagine what kind of wacky projects would involve all of their expertise.

Side note: as he was talking about stories about ghosts, monsters, elves, peasants, kings, etc., he mentioned stories about "manalores." I wondered: what kind of mythical creature is a "manalore"? Are they like manticores? Minotaurs? A few minutes later I saw it written out, and I realized he was saying manor lords.
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2010-04-20 08:43 pm

Prescriptivist song lyrics

"I can get no satisfaction"

"It doesn't mean a thing if it hasn't got that swing"

"We need no education; we need no thought control"

"One's got to fight for one's right to party"

"You and I, baby, are nothing but mammals, so let's do it as they do on the Discovery Channel"

"When the pimp's in the crib, ma, drop it as if it were hot"
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2010-04-14 12:48 am

Computer science literature is funny

Not important, but during my literature search I found an entertaining sequence of papers. Here they are, in chronological order:
  • Morel and Renvoise. "Global Optimization by Suppression of Partial Redundancies." 1979. It's about optimizing computer code by removing redundant computation. The "partial" means you can do this even if the code is redundant on just some paths through the code, not all paths.

  • Drechsler and Stadel. "A Solution to a Problem with Morel and Renvoise's 'Global Optimization by Suppression of Partial Redundancies.'" Submitted 1985, revised, published 1988. It has just one reference, to the Morel and Renvoise paper. They point out a bug in Morel and Renvoise's algorithm.

  • Sorkin. "Some Comments on 'A Solution to a Problem with Morel and Renvoise's "Global Optimization by Suppression of Partial Redundancies."'" 1989. First of all, this is an impressive example of the rule about double quotes and single quotes with three levels of nested quotations. Second of all, they point out that the bug Drechsler and Stadel pointed out was solved previously by Joshi and Dhamdere (1982) and independently by Chow (1983/4). Furthermore, either of those solutions works better than Dreshsler and Stadel's solution, which needlessly inserts nodes.

The whole thing reminds me of "Spy vs. Spy."

OK, back to dissertating.
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2010-03-23 12:44 am


I was at my brother's wedding this weekend. It was a great time.

* After the rehearsal, dinner Friday was at Nationwide Arena, followed by a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. Best part: the Chili Chant. If the Blue Jackets score three goals, Wendy's gives you free chili for ticketholders the day after the game. The crowd goes wild when the third goal happens, with a whole song and dance that goes with it. It's a sight to see. CHILI! Blue Jackets won 4 to 2, so luckily I got to see the Chili Chant in action.

* Beautiful wedding, in the church people in my family have been going to for generations. The minister was my dad's friend since junior high.

* Reception. My brother snuck in arrangements of video game tunes into the ambient music during dinner. Like, everyone heard this soft jazzy music, not realizing it was the victory tune from Final Fantasy in disguise. Cute. :-)

* Family! Baby cousins! Lots of people I don't get to see often, all in the same place.

* Cupcakes in lieu of a big wedding cake. Delicious.

* I got to meet a bunch of friends of my brother and his wife. (It'll take some time to get used to saying that.) They're a great bunch of people.

* A crossword puzzle and a word search in the programs, with words related to the couple. Neat idea.

If they run their marriage half as well as they ran their wedding, they will have a beautiful future together.