Mar. 23rd, 2010 12:44 am
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I was at my brother's wedding this weekend. It was a great time.

* After the rehearsal, dinner Friday was at Nationwide Arena, followed by a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. Best part: the Chili Chant. If the Blue Jackets score three goals, Wendy's gives you free chili for ticketholders the day after the game. The crowd goes wild when the third goal happens, with a whole song and dance that goes with it. It's a sight to see. CHILI! Blue Jackets won 4 to 2, so luckily I got to see the Chili Chant in action.

* Beautiful wedding, in the church people in my family have been going to for generations. The minister was my dad's friend since junior high.

* Reception. My brother snuck in arrangements of video game tunes into the ambient music during dinner. Like, everyone heard this soft jazzy music, not realizing it was the victory tune from Final Fantasy in disguise. Cute. :-)

* Family! Baby cousins! Lots of people I don't get to see often, all in the same place.

* Cupcakes in lieu of a big wedding cake. Delicious.

* I got to meet a bunch of friends of my brother and his wife. (It'll take some time to get used to saying that.) They're a great bunch of people.

* A crossword puzzle and a word search in the programs, with words related to the couple. Neat idea.

If they run their marriage half as well as they ran their wedding, they will have a beautiful future together.


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